Blankets of Love Foundation for Mental Health


Here are some of the comments from patients who received their "Blanket of Love". The names have been changed to respect the privacy of each patient.

"My husband was given a Blanket of Love while in hospital. When he passed away I used his quilt to help me feel close to his memory."

"My quilt was given to me when I was in the Hospital and I was totally surprised to receive a Blanket Of Love. I have never received a gift from anyone. I like my quilt so much I am afraid to use it, because I don't want it to get worn from too much use."
-- Donna

"One day Bob came in and gave me this special quilt and told me it was made just for me to help me get through my dark days with depression. I cried and couldn't believe someone would make something so nice for me. I bring my Blanket of Love with me each time I go back to the Hospital."
-- Sarah

"I love my special quilt. When my mood is low and I feel lonely, the quilt is a source of comfort."
-- Mary

"The Blanket of Love has made me feel a little more secure and I use it a lot. I love the colors; they are very soothing and comforting. Thank you for helping me through this awful illness."
-- Barbara

"I like my quilt so much, thank you. I have the quilt on my bed at home and I bring it to the Hospital when I am readmitted."
-- Paul

"Awesome, makes me feel cozy and warm when I am not feeling so great."
-- Andrew