Blankets of Love Foundation for Mental Health

We Need Your Help!

"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world."
-- Anne Frank

How can I participate?
Individuals, Organizations, or Guilds can participate by donating quilts to the Blankets of Love Foundation. You can make a quilt or purchase a quilt from a Quilter's Shop. Quilting classes have become very popular; you can join a class with some friends and make a quilt together. The Foundation will accept gently used quilts that are clean and in good condition.

Blankets of Love Foundation is also accepting Financial Donations. Please refer to Contact page to find out how you can make a donation.

What size should the quilts be?
Lap quilts or a quilt that covers a twin bed are ideal for this program. A quilt that is big enough for one person to snuggle under when they need comfort and warmth.

How many quilts do we need?
It is staggering to realize that in Canada one in five individuals experience a mental illness. The good news is that most mental illnesses are treatable. However many people are stigmatized when they are diagnosed with a mental illness. Hospitalized patients are often left alone and rarely do they receive flowers or gifts.

It is impossible to predict the exact number of quilts that are needed. The goal of the Blankets of Love Foundation is to secure quilts on a regular basis to provide comfort for inpatients at Hospitals across Canada.

Thank you for your interest in sharing your time and talent with the Blankets of Love Foundation!